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Super Bowl 47 Preview - How the Ravens will come out on top!

Ray Lewis

As you can probably guess from the banner on the blog, i'm a huge Baltimore Ravens fan, so i thought i would give my 2 cent's on how the Ravens can come out on top in the 47th Super Bowl.

Offense - The biggest piece in for the Ravens has to be Flacco! The Ravens are no longer a defensive team, they have to rely on their offense to keep them in the game.
Against the Patriots in the conference championship the came out with focus on the run game and short passing. They had limited success and ray rice had under 3 yards per carry on average.
In the second half the let Flacco play his own game, and it worked. And i think that if they do the same thing against the 49'ers they can come out on top.
You really can't compare the Patriots to the 49'ers on defense, but the San Fransisco secondary have been shaky this year, they gave up 396 Yards in the air.
so if Flacco can come out and throw the ball good, it will maybe open up the run a bit for Rice & Pierce. Patrick Willis & Navarro Bowman are maybe the best inside linebackers in the game today, great against both run and pass, but if Ray Rice can get one on one match ups on one of them i could see him have good success in the passing game.

Defense - Like i mentioned, the Ravens defense is not great anymore, but when the all rally behind Ray Lewis and ''The Last Ride'' like they have in these playoff games, they could prove to bee the key.
They are rolling on emotions and thats what they have to do.
They need to scare Kaepernick and be though, but stopping that run offense is gonna be a big challenge. Suggs and Kruger on the edge have to keep both eyes on the ball, and make sure they don't allow big runs from Kaepernick.
Suggs in the last few games have been lokking more and more in shape, and if theres one thing he likes, its being in the spotlight, and it doesn't get bigger than this.
Ed Reed haven't had the best season of his hall of fame career, but he as well as Suggs have never played in a Super Bowl, he have been pondering retirement and i think that if he gets a ring this will be his last game. He would love to hang up his cleats and walk away with Ray and the Lombardi trophy.

Under the radar player - Courtney Upshaw, the Ravens first pick in the 2012 draft.
After being limited most of the season i could see him playing a big part in stopping the 49'ers run game. He's a natural run stopper and especially on the outside runs, he plays good on the big stage, as he where maybe Alabamas best defender in the 2011 National Championship game.