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Baltimore Ravens - Offseason

Can the Ravens repeat?

Soooooo, The Ravens are world champs!

The season is all over, the Ravens are world champions and Ray Lewis walks off with another ring.
Now the other season begins, the offseason... What do the Ravens have to do, to repeat?

1. Lock up Flacco.
Cool Joe proved he is the franchise quarterback, now pay him.
In Flacco's early years the team was build around the defense, that time is up... Now we need to build a team around Joe Flacco, and a lot of the pieces are already there.

2. Re-sign Ed Reed.
I really don't think the Ravens can allow Ed to leave. With Ray retiring i really think this needs to be done. He doesn't play on the same level he used to, but neither did Lewis. Reed needs to be on this defense until the end, he's a leader and thats what this defense needs the most. I think that if Joe doesn't get the franchise tag, you hit Reed with it, even if Ozzie said that no player but Flacco would get the tag.

3. Draft.
If Ravens can do anything, it's building a team through the draft. Of the other free agents i think the Ravens should have there top priority on Ellerbe. With McClain coming back from injury i could see Ellerbe taking over, if signed i think we are set on Linebackers, we drafted Upshaw last year, and with Suggs getting back on track i think Kruger gets to walk.
Cary Williams is also a free agent, but i don't see them resigning him either. With Webb coming back, and Smith on the other side i think they draft a corner in 4th or 5th round and let Williams walk.

4. Offensive Line.
Over the season the Ravens shifted the O-Line multiple times, due to injury, but when the post season came they got it right.
McKinnie is a free agent, and i with a tight cap, i don't see them resigning him.
i think they move Oher back to left tackle, and Osemele back over to the right.